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How We Will Capture Action

Introducing The Novel "Economic Development Canvas"

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Custom Developed Curriculum


Intro to ORCA CIty

Orientation to ORCA City

Participants will have an opportunity to learn more about the program, the curriculum, tools & resources, benefits, timeline, and participation requirements. STTE will illustrate the method for the ORCA City Challenge visiting components, vision, the Economic Development Canvas, and how it connects to the Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder.


Lesson is 15 minutes

Module 1

Unique Value Proposition and Target Industries

Module 1 covers the first set of blocks from the Economic Development Canvas, “Unique Value Proposition,” and “Target Industries.” These are the essential components we will use to design the rest of the blocks and the direction of the pitch itself. Here, we go over identifying target industries and industry clusters to pursue to optimize existing infrastructure and the skills of the local labor pool.

"Unique Value Proposition" & "Target Industries"

2 lessons - 10-15 minutes

Module 2

"Challenges” & “Competitive Advantages"

The second module builds on the knowledge acquired in module 2 and dives into the following two blocks, “Challenges” and “Competitive Advantages,” where we take a closer look at our assets and evaluate the challenges we’ve been facing. This way, we can start to form strategies to address gaps and solve problems.

"Challenges” & “Competitive Advantages"

2 lesson - 15 minutes

Module 3

Education & Workforce

This module will concentrate on education and the workforce. Participants will explore the alignment between educational opportunities and access relative to the needs of the local workforce and how they respond to the needs of the market and targeted industries. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance engagement and think of new ways to connect educators with the growing labor pool.

"Education and Workforce"

1 lesson - 15 minutes

Module 4

"Key Metrics" & "Partnerships"

Key metrics and partnerships will allow participating cities to ensure they have everyone they need at the table to explore forms of growth and find optimal ways to measure development and goals, creating strategies with ESOs and other workforce support networks.

"Key Metrics" & "Partnerships"

2 lessons - 15 minutes
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Module 5

"Cost, Incentives" & "Impact on Revenues"

Cost, incentives, and Impact on revenues will be studied by creating a space to think about costs associated with incentives and how they impact the local economy. This way, participants can balance expenditures and benefits from existing incentive structures. This reassessment of assets and expenses will create an opportunity for creative problem solving and innovation through prioritizing funds and practical recruitment efforts.

"Cost, Incentives" & "Impact on Revenues"

2 lessons - 20 minutes
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Module 6

"Pitch Deck and Delivery

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Pitch Deck & Delivery

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